The Azuri Story

January 18, 2015

One hundred years ago, on an Island named Victoria

There was a beautiful beach the people often visited

But two breakwaters, were at the port of Lagos constructed

Thus movement of coastal sediments was obstructed

Then little by little, year after year, the Island's shoreline eroded

Until the year 2006, when their beloved beach disappeared

Violent floods frequented, infrastructure was damaged

Every solution commissioned proved to be at best temporary

Then one day, a solution was proposed and it was visionary!


A solution that would stop the century-long shoreline erosion

And reclaim the land swallowed by the ocean

A solution that would promote the safety of Victoria Islanders

And cater to the fast growing Lagos population

A solution that would bring greater development to the economy

A long-term, multi-purpose, globally-acclaimed solution

Proposed by none other than South Energyx Nigeria Ltd.

A solution, aptly named the Eko Atlantic City!


A planned city

An architectural masterpiece

A city strategically located between Lagos and the Atlantic ocean

And adjacent to the bar beach, in Eti-Osa local government area of Nigeria

A city being built on ten million square kilometers of land reclaimed by systematic sand-filling

And set to be the most sought-after destination, in Africa's fastest growing nation

A city with an innovative transportation system covering land, air and sea

That will ensure it becomes the best-connected city in West Africa

Some say this city is metropolitan, but I say it's 'Afropolitan'


One city

Ten eco-friendly districts

Now the spotlight shines on the city's Marina District

Featuring a pedestrian-friendly promenade, and a colorful, inviting piazza

Offering everything from prestigious restaurants to destination shopping

Its curated community guarantees a luxurious lifestyle

Whether you come for a day or come to stay

Its'a privileged place to invest, work, live and play'


Situated in the marina district is a picturesque peninsula

Designed by the award-winning architectural firm Gensler

And owned by Eko Development Ltd., this is a peninsula like no other!

From townhouses to penthouses, garden views to marina views

Offering 24-hour concierge service and secure underground parking spaces

Providing the serenity of the waterfront, and the vibrancy of an urban centre

This is where extraordinary luxurious living meets beautifully-crafted residences 

Welcome to a peninsula with a purpose: providing the homes Africa has long awaited

Welcome to a peninsula with a promise: 'Luxury, elegantly lived'

I daresay, it's not just 'Afropolitan,' it's 'Ekopolitan!'

You are welcome to the Azuri Peninsula!



The above poem was performed live by Lady InspiroLogos, during the official launch of the Azuri Peninsula, Eko Atlantic City, Lagos, Nigeria, 2015. (See photos below).









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