The C & C Melody

January 8, 2017

Eight years ago the first notes sounded softly
Strings of a young heart played a melody so lovely
After a TLU band rehearsal where boy spotted girl 
And asked her big brother to play matchmaker


From their first stroll together, the melody grew sweeter
Their love for big bands & the Cowboys made it stronger
Sitting side by side captivated by 'The School of Rock'
Standing hand in hand serenaded by 'The Averett Brothers'


Then a magical moment at Myron's on a bended knee
When faithful friends of five years became fervent fiancés
Assured of the tried & true bond they found
The lovers acquired both house and hound


The quiet, loving, family man
The fun, loving, crazy lady
She can't choose what to watch on TV
He can't put his clothes where they should be
But she treasures his brutal honesty
And he adores her bubbly personality


Their soft, sweet, song now a soul-stirring symphony
Echoed by a chorus of collegues, friends, and family
Perfected by solemn vows in a January Wedding
Symbolizing, not an ending, but a beautiful beginning


Eight years after, what a glorious crescendo
From cautious caress to confident commitment:
"I am yours and that's it, forever"
So say Catherine and Christopher
May the C & C melody resound far beyond this room
I say cheers to the bride and groom!



The C & C Melody was performed as a custom wedding toast, during the reception following the wedding ceremony of Catherine & Chris Alvarado. 


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