Why Eloquent Expressions?

Because special occasions deserve custom creations

A beautiful blend of inspired words and enchanting music, customized to evoke the magic of your

moment, and capture the essence of your event, that's what we call an eloquent expression.

Choose from our three precious packages:

silver sentiments, golden visions or platinum performances.

For bookings or more information, contact us.

"Like apples of gold in settings of silver is a word spoken at the right time"

- King Solomon


Silver Sentiments

Lyrical Mastery

Carefully-crafted poetic masterpieces, on any subject, in any creative style:
A touching tribute. A great slogan. Heart-warming wedding vows. An amazing advertisement. Catchy song lyrics. A terrific toast. An impressive pitch. A graceful eulogy. An inspiring speech.
We'll capture your sentiments, uniquely.

Golden visions

Picture-Perfect Presentation

Let's take your silver sentiments from a small script to the big screen. Blending captivating images with an epic soundtrack, our golden vision will make you the star of your very own show.

Wedding Embrace

Platinum Performance

Branding meets Broadway

Add the 'wow-factor' to your event, with a breath-taking live performance, custom-designed to bring your story to life. Whether you need a softly-spoken solo act, or spectacular musical theatrics, prize-winning performer Lady InspiroLogos, will deliver a platinum performance sure to showcase your silver sentiment in living color!

The Crowd Favorites

Enjoy a brief selection of our most celebrated custom creations!

Mask in the snow
Grass and Sea

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