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"She writes things, and says things... call her!" That was the simple but powerful recommendation given about Lady InspiroLogos, during an emergency meeting of the Presidential Flood Relief Fundraising Committee in 2012, who was at the time searching for a performer that could inspire an intimidating audience of dignitaries to donate towards a worthy cause. The call was made, and five short days later, the resulting original live performance was so moving, that 12.5 billion Naira was raised towards flood relief, and Lady I. received commendation from Goodluck E. Jonathan, Nigeria's President at the time. She went on to become a two-time guest performer at the annual World Economic Forum on Africa, three-time guest poet at the annual Nigerian Economic Summit, and continues to inspire audiences around the world with her unique art.

Wordsmith. Poet. Storyteller. Voice-artist. Singer/Song-writer. Speaker. Actor. Author.

Lady I. is blessed with many talents, but maintains only one motto: 'I aspire to inspire, with words.

Also a passionate activist, she is former Sickle Cell Ambassador, Federal Ministry of Health Nigeria, and author of 'Yellow Eyes Gone White!' her inspiring memoir.

Born and bred in Kaduna, Nigeria, to a fashion-designer mother and a military father Ifueko Fex Ogbomo's intellectual prowess was evident from a young age, as she won a steady stream of academic prizes. Nonetheless, her gift of the gab was overlooked, until age 14, when she brought an entire congregation to it's feet, with a flawless delivery of an incredibly lengthy recitation, from memory. But it remained unexplored, until adulthood, when she became an 'over-night sensation' making national headlines as 'Miss Inspiration' and 'Poet Laureate' for having that signature spell-binding effect that resulted in her winning the Abuja Literary Society's poetry slam championship by a landslide; the fact that she had was the only female competitor, and had never previously participated in any poetry slams whatsoever, only made the victory more news-worthy. 

With regards to her academic background, Lady I. was still a teenager when she won Texas Lutheran University's Pacesetter Award for Academic Excellence, and journeyed alone, cross-continentally, determined to pursue her childhood dream of higher education in the United States. Her dream became reality in 2003, when she graduated summa cum laude from TLU with a B.A. Hons in Music, and a minor in Computer Science.

Little did she know then, that she would return to her alma matter over a decade later, as Inaugural Speaker of the Cullinane Social Entrepreneurship Series (2016) to win the hearts of the students, who voted her as their favorite speaker.

In recognition of her artistic achievements, Miss Ogbomo was categorized as an 'alien of extraordinary ability' by the United States Citizen & Immigration Services in 2017, and subsequently awarded permanent residency.

She enjoys international travel, but primarily resides in San Antonio, Texas.


Clients' Compliments


The performance was completely captivating, as always... Her artistic attention to detail is mind-blowing, effortless eloquence breathtaking, and she never fails to leave an audience wowed and inspired!

Valentine Ozigbo

CEO Transcorp Hotels PLC

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